Changing the Way the World Treats Mental Health

Our Purpose

Integrating salutogenic approaches, such as exercise, nutrition and mind-body practices, for treating mental illness and promoting mental wellness.


We fund and promote evidence-based research on how exercise, nutrition and mind-body practices benefit mental health resilience.


We support programs and initiatives that integrate evidence-based holistic approaches into the mental healthcare delivery system.


We serve as a collaborative hub for an array of partners to advance a roadmap for an integrated approach to mental healthcare.

Every person reading this has experienced, or had a friend or family member who has experienced, mental illness.
0 %
of US adults live with
mental illness. MHA LogoVisit Site
million people worldwide suffer from depression, and it is one of the leading causes of disability. WHO LogoVisit Site
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Suicide is the second leading cause of death in people 10-34 years old in the US. Rates are up 35% since 2000 .CDC LogoVisit Site
1 in 0
Americans live with a mental health condition. NAMI LogoVisit Site
On average, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world.WHO LogoVisit Site

Our approaches to mental and emotional health must expand to include the whole person — body, mind and spirit — within the context of community. Every mental healthcare professional should be trained in holistic approaches to mental health.

What We Believe About Mental Health

Mental health is the ability to navigate and recover from emotional, social and psychological stress. It is the resilience to cope with life events and maintain a general sense of happiness, contentment and well-being. It is more a journey than a destination.

Requires a

Mind-Body Approach


On A

Benefits from


JWB Founder Victor Brick shares our story and vision at the Global Wellness Summit 2020:


Exercise, Fitness &
Mental Health Report

Find all of the published research on exercise and mental health, and learn which approaches are best for which mental health outcomes.


Integrating science, applications and collaboration


Building an evidence base for holistic approaches


Providing real-world tools and protocols for mental health


Convening mental health champions to create change

Our Commitment To Mental Health Research


The JWB Foundation has funded a $1.2 million, gold-standard study with the University of California, San Francisco, to determine the effect of positive stress on
mental health.


In supporting the Catch-a-Lift Fund, The JWB Foundation has given combat veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress free gym memberships and online coaching.


The JWB Foundation provided fitness equipment to Johns Hopkins Medical Center to create an exercise room in the adolescent psychiatric unit


The JWB Foundation awarded a grant to Arundel Lodge, a not-for-profit, community mental health center, to build and equip a fitness center to boost mental health and wellness of patients.

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