Our Story

The Why


"We have seen first-hand how devastating mental illness can be. My (Victor’s) brother was the apple of my parents eye; their pride and joy. But as his condition worsened it began to take a terrible toll on John, my parents, and the entire family." - C. Victor Brick, Co-Founder

Lourdes and John C. Brick, with son John W. Brick


John would go through that vicious cycle of being in such a bad state that the only thing that could help him was heavy medication. The medication would have it’s desired effect on his mental state, but would get him physically feeling so bad that he would get off the medication as soon as he felt he didn’t need it any longer.

This, of course, would send him into a tailspin, and the end result would be that he would become delusional, and sometimes wander off and end up homeless on the street. It was a miracle that we (actually me) always managed to find him. One time, after he had been missing from my parents house in Florida for two weeks, I found him on the streets of Washington, D.C., close to where we grew up, sitting on a wall, wearing nothing but a pair of blue jeans; no shoes, no shirt, nothing but the blue jeans.

​We want to help people like my brother John before the only thing that can help them is medication. We want to save families from going through the heartache we experienced with my brother. We don’t think exercise is the only answer, but we think it is part of the answer. Through evidence-based research it is our hope to find out what part exercise can play in the treatment of mental illness, and what forms of exercise work best for different mental health issues.

We started the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation 3 years ago in an effort to change the way people looked at mental illness...
Lynne & Victor Brick
Founders of the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation