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10-10-21 Move Your Mental Health

On October 1st – 10th, 2021, people united globally for ten days of moving our bodies for ten minutes each day to support better mental health for all, and to celebrate World Mental Health Day on 10/10/2021. Now, you can join in for your own ten days of movement with the videos below! Just choose your favorite videos, move for ten minutes, share with friends, and you’ve done it! If you enjoy the program and would like to fund future JWB Foundation projects and research, please consider MAKING A DONATION.

Day 1 of Move Your Mental Health with Teddy Savage!

Teddy Savage is the Director of Health and Fitness Excellence for Planet Fitness Headquarters. He was a United We Move instructor for Planet Fitness during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been a trainer, manager, and overseeing fitness operations for clubs in MD, DC, TN, FL, and WA. He helps people change their lives through the power of health and fitness, and believes potential, passion, and commitment is all we need to achieve our ultimate fitness goals!

Day 2 of 10 10 21 Move Your Mental Health featuring Pam Kramer with the ITP Aikido Kata

Pamela Kramer is President of Integral Transformative Practice International, a non-profit organization that helps practitioners achieve long-term goals for realizing positive and healthy transformation of body mind and spirit. Pam is an ITP Mastery teacher, is on the faculty of Esalen Institute and presents workshops at venues in the US and abroad. She is engaged in training ITP teachers, helping to form ITP groups and bring integral principles and practices to the workplace. Pam is also a performance consultant and executive coach with 30 years’ consulting experience for organizations and entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more opportunities to learn from Pam, join ITP’s free weekly Kata, Thursdays from 4:30 – 6:30pm PT. Check it out here.

Day 3 of 10 10 21 Move Your Mental Health featuring the Running Man - Charlie Engle!

Charlie Engle is a global ultra-endurance athlete and the founder of the 5.8 Global Adventure Series, one of the most ambitious expeditions in modern history, trekking from the lowest to the highest points on all seven continents. He is also one of the most accomplished ultramarathon runners in the world, having placed in hundreds of races in dozens of countries. Charlie’s record-setting 4,500 run across the Sahara Desert, documented in the film RUNNING THE SAHARA, led to the creation of H2O Africa, which is known today as, co-founded by Matt Damon. His motivation to run and tackle extreme adventures stems from his battle with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Charlie has been in recovery since July 23, 1992, and he credits a large part of his recovery to the purposeful devotion and emotional release he experiences while running. He has said that “Drugs and alcohol were my way out. Running was my way through.”

Day 4 of 10 10 21 Move Your Mental Health featuring Kelly Anderson!!

Kelly Anderson is a trainer for Planet Fitness in Keene, New Hampshire. She enjoys playing field hockey and running with her dog. She is currently certified through National Academy of Sports and Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Weight Loss Specialist and is pursuing her Group Fitness Instructor Certification. She believes working out should be fun and should make you feel good, not only while you’re exercising, but also in the years to come!

Day 5 of 10 10 21 Move Your Mental Health featuring Chair Yoga with Ali and Atman Smith!

Ali Smith was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, he is a graduate of the Friends School of Baltimore and the University of Maryland, College Park, where he received a BS in Environmental Science and Policy with a Biodiversity specialization. Ali has almost 20 years’ experience teaching yoga, mindfulness, and meditation internationally to a broad demographic spectrum that includes schools, retreat centers, wellness centers, mental crisis facilities, detention centers, drug treatment centers, the corporate setting, as well as private one-on-one sessions. He co-founded the Holistic Life Foundation in 2001. During his tenure as Executive Director, his leadership helped guide HLF to grow an organization that employed over 50 people, and served communities worldwide. Ali has taught in seven countries on three continents. His work has been featured on CBS News, CNN, NBC Nightly News, PBS, as well as in Oprah Magazine and Forbes. Ali is also a co-host of the Look Again Podcast and Co-Owner of the Involution Group.


Atman Smith is one of the Co-founders of the Holistic Life Foundation. Since 2001, he has been teaching yoga and mindfulness to a diverse population including underserved and high-risk youth in Baltimore City Public Schools, drug treatment centers, wellness centers, and colleges. A native of Baltimore, Atman attended the University of Maryland, College Park where he was a letter award winner for the University’s men’s basketball team. He graduated with a B.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice. His work with the Holistic Life Foundation has been featured on Making a Difference on the NBC Nightly News, CNN, and CBS, as well as O the Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, Upworthy, Mindful Magazine, Yoga Journal, Shambala Sun, and many other publications.


Why? Because You're Awesome!!

Day 5 of 10-10-21 Move Your Mental Health featuring Carroll Zeamer

Caroll Zeamer is a Regional Fitness Training Manager for Planet Fitness in Pennsylvania and one of the Trainers for the PF United We Move and App workouts. She is an advocate for mental wellness and body positivity. Caroll believes that her role as a fitness trainer is to ensure that members or viewers understand they have what it takes to be what they aspire. In her sessions, Caroll teaches the importances of functional training for healthy living and a longer, fuller life! In this workout, we venture through the 6 essential movements of the body to hit every muscle group and enter into that endorphin high!

Day 6 of 10-10-21 Move Your Mental Health featuring Roz the Diva!

NASM certified Roz The Diva Mays has dedicated many late nights at the gym to becoming a stronger and healthier athlete. Pole dancing is her movement of choice, followed by TRX, strength & conditioning and flexibility. When she isn’t half-dressed and sweaty, Diva’s usually making pancakes with Beyonce and Michelle Obama.

Day 7 of 10-10-21 Move Your Mental Health featuring Qi Gong with Lee Holden!

A PBS favorite to 50 million households, an instructor of qi gong, meditation and bridge to the east, Lee has worked to bring the ancient Taoist teachings to western culture. Master Holden has been acknowledged by the International Qi Gong Association (2009) for his ability to make the esoteric Taoist teachings accessible to modern students without compromising or diluting their essence. His own self-discovery journey across Asia eventually led to his Qi Gong teachings being picked up by American public television. He has since appeared on more than 105 public broadcast stations throughout North America. Outside of Qi Gong and Superhuman, Lee is now transmitting the “power of slow” in his latest work.

Day 8 of 10-10-21 Move Your Mental Health featuring Yoga with Kari Marble!

A San Francisco-based yoga teacher since 2000, Kari’s yoga and meditation path launched at age 21 on her first of three journeys to India. In the three decades since, she has been dedicated to deep transformation through ongoing study, practice, and experience of yoga. She is a devoted student of bhakti yoga, yoga philosophy, yoga therapeutics, and most recently the Himalayan yogic tradition. Kari is also a yoga teacher trainer, massage therapist, birth educator, and retreat leader. Her classes are highly regarded for their revitalizing and centering practices, educational content and wisdom, and warm, nurturing energy. Kari cannot imagine parenthood or life without the wisdom, adaptability, and resilience these practices build.

Day 9 of 10-10-21 Move Your Mental Health featuring Quintin Dailey

Quintin Dailey is a Fitness Training Support Manager and Personal Trainer, residing out of Baltimore, Maryland. His professional wellness journey has and continues to teach him so many life lessons, outlooks, and realizations — giving him the knowledge to grow but also to share. The opportunity to share this knowledge to everyone he comes into contact with through exercise science or fitness instruction is more than a blessing to him. Quintin is super ecstatic to be part of this motivation and educational event on mental health, as he truly believes that the JWB is a pioneer for wellness and is bringing much needed awareness to mental health around the world.

Day 10 of 10-10-21 Move Your Mental Health
Celebrating World Mental Health Day!
Featuring Olympian Lauren Sesselmann!

Lauren Sesselmann is a former professional soccer player for the WPS, NWSL and the Canadian National Team. She has a Gold Medal in the Pan American Games, a Bronze Medal from the London Olympics, and also played in the World Cup. Since retiring from soccer she has gone on to become a sports agent & mental health mentor for the next generation of athletes.


Why? Because You. Are. Amazing.

Day 10 of 10-10-21 Move Your Mental Health featuring Jeremy Smoot!

Jeremy Smoot is the Senior Fitness Trainer Support Manager for Planet Fitness Growth Partners. He is a featured trainer on the worldwide planet fitness app and was a part of the award-winning United We Move Campaign in 2020/2021. Today, he will be walking your through a Full Body Feel Good workout. This workout can be done anywhere, anytime, and was designed to kickstart your day feeling your best.