10-10-22 Move Your Mental Health

Welcome to the JWB’s 3rd annual Move Your Mental Health™ (MYMH) Event 

This event occurs annually starting on October 1st and concludes on October 10th, World Mental Health Day! In 2022, each day for 10 days JWB posted a 10 minute workout video with a different instructor to promote mental well-being for all. These accomplished instructor’s videos are available to you anytime, and are FREE to revisit! Your participation helps the JWB change the way the world treats mental health. Let’s get moving!

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Day 1 Move Your Mental Health with
Shruthi Kumar


Shruthi Kumar is a student at Harvard University, studying History of Science and Economics with a minor in Human Evolutionary Biology. She is the founder of GoYogi, an international non-profit organization focused on taking a proactive and preventative approach to student mental health education and infrastructure. As an international non-profit, GoYogi is a student-led venture working on public health solutions to global mental health and has brought the benefits of mindfulness and meditation to over 4,000 students across the world.

In high school, Shruthi was a finalist at the 2018 World Championships of Yoga Sports in Beijing, China. She is a nationally-recognized public speaker and finalist at the 2019 National Speech and Debate Association. In college, Shruthi currently serves as President of Harvard South Asian Association and co-founded a peer-education group called Wellness Educators with Harvard University Health Services. She is also a United Nations Academic Impact Millennium Fellow.

In addition to her passion for the benefits of yoga and meditation for mental and physical wellbeing, she actively seeks justice in menstrual equity. On campus, she founded and is currently leading the taskforce to make Harvard’s campus 100% period secure with menstrual products accessible and free in every bathroom across campus. She loves public speaking, believes in technology for social good, and the power of systemic change. Shruthi, most of all, loves meeting new people and talking with students about career paths, academic interests, and all things life!

Day 2 Move Your Mental Health with
Tasha Edwards


Tasha, with over 20 years of health and wellness experience and over 17 years as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor just likes to move.  She has a Master’s in counseling, is a board certified health and wellness coach, and is a certified Pilates and yoga instructor. She’s loud, disruptive and rebellious when it comes to creating space for all people and all bodies to move in freedom and joy. Tasha will never turn down the opportunity to dance, go to the bookstore or a good oat milk latte.

Day 3 Move Your Mental Health with
Teddy Savage

total body workout

Teddy Savage is the Director of Health and Fitness Excellence for Planet Fitness Headquarters. He was a United We Move instructor for Planet Fitness during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been a trainer, manager, and overseeing fitness operations for clubs in MD, DC, TN, FL, and WA. He helps people change their lives through the power of health and fitness, and believes potential, passion, and commitment is all we need to achieve our ultimate fitness goals!

Day 4 Move Your Mental Health
Kristen Townsend

restore class

Kristen Townsend, M.S. is the Program Director for SoulBody Restore. Growing up as a figure skater, she learned early on that the key to longevity in athletic training is a quality conditioning and restoration program. Kristen has studied, taught, and developed yoga-based programs for the past 20 years. She is a CEU provider with AFAA/NASM and is passionate about teaching. From your first time in the studio to becoming a teacher and teaching your first class, she loves supporting your fitness journey.

Day 5 Move Your Mental Health with
Jeff McMullen

core workout

Jeff McMullen has spent 30 years as a professional in the fitness industry & is an award winning global fitness presenter. Jeff has managed high end brand group fitness programs; has been featured in over 20 fitness DVD’s; is a contributing writer for American Fitness Magazine and IDEA Fitness Journal. Jeff is currently a Master Trainer for Matrix Fitness, The AXLE Workout™, Barre Above™, Jumpsport® Fitness, PlyoJam; and TRX®. Jeff is certified through ACE, AFAA and NASM

Day 6 Move Your Mental Health with
Audrey Lee

"Off the Couch" Workout

Audrey is a performance coach and sport nutrition coach. She has her PhD in exercise sport science from the University of Innsbruck, Austria and her Master’s Degree in nutrition from the University of Utah. She is a Master Trainer for Matrix Fitness, teaching instructor certifications that lift people up to reach their highest potential.

Day 7 Move Your Mental Health with
Stacy McCarthy


Stacy McCarthy, is an award-winning health & fitness leader, accomplished businesswomen, captivating speaker, and respected educator. For her contributions to the field of health and wellness as a seasoned mindful movement educator and integrative wellness thought leader, Stacy was honored as the 2021 IDEA World Fitness Instructor of the Year, a prestigious award recognizing superior instructional abilities and positive influence within the global health and fitness industry. Stacy’s recognized for her health and wellness coaching, yoga and mindfulness practices, positive psychology interventions, culinary whole food, plant-based medicine in the treatment of various chronic disease and conditions. 

She is an adjunct college professor in the Kinesiology, Health, and Nutrition Department where she created the yoga teacher certification program. She’s been a speaker and presenter around the world and offers online classes, teacher trainings and retreats.

Her teaching is holistic, physically balanced, energetically empowering, mentally focusing and spiritually up-lifting. She lives and teaches the keys to unlock a powerful body and peaceful mind without dieting or excessive exercise. At the core of her teachings there is a celebration for the human capacity to expand, love and live more fabulously.

Day 8 Move Your Mental Health with
April Jackson

lower-body barre workout

After struggling to lose baby weight after having her first baby in 2013, April became seriously invested in the process of taking better care of herself! This included education in health and nutrition as well as rekindling her love for exercise by becoming a licensed fitness instructor. April is licensed with both SoulBody Fitness and Zumba. She is now a proud, healthy, and fit wife and mother of 3! April has been instructing fitness classes for over 5 years, helping people of all shapes, sizes, and colors achieve their fitness goals one session at a time!

Day 9 Move Your Mental Health with
Samantha Arsenault Livingstone

warm up and dynamic stretching

Samantha Arsenault Livingstone is an Olympic gold medalist, high-performance consultant, speaker and mental health advocate. After a near-death experience with her then 12- month old daughter, Samantha knew it was time to pay forward all she’d learned about high achievement, rising through hard things and finding fulfillment in the striving. 

In 2016, Samantha founded Livingstone High Performance and the Whole Athlete Initiative (the WAI) in response to the mental health crisis impacting adolescents across the globe. LHP provides pillars of support to organizations, teams and individuals to elevate mental health and improve performance – and help them learn how to do hard things. 

Samantha holds a master’s in education, and is a certified instructor of Mental Health First Aid and facilitator of Mindful Sports Performance Enhancement. Samantha and her husband, Rob, live in New England with their four daughters. To learn more about her offerings, go over to www.samanthalivingstone.com

Day 10 Move Your Mental Health with
Tom Laidlaw

"Propane Tank" Workout

Tom Laidlaw played in the National Hockey League for 11 seasons. Seven with the New York Rangers and four with the Los Angeles Kings. When he retired from playing, he became a player agent. Tom worked for IMG for 5 years and ran his own business, Laidlaw Sports Management, for 17 years. Laidlaw’s passion now is motivating others.