Move Your Mental Health™ Report

Brand New as of June 2021!!

JWB’s New Groundbreaking Report: Move Your Mental Health™

Three decades of science make it clear: exercise should be integrated into prevention and treatment of mental illness and promotion of mental wellness. 


Routinely moving our bodies is a key element in the ecosystem of factors that help us to build our mental and emotional well-being. 


Whether pumping iron, owning the treadmill, strengthening the core with yoga or tai chi, or less rigorous activities such as walking or household chores, motion is indisputably associated with mental health benefits.

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Below you can download the 80-page Move Your Mental Health™ Report, based on our review of all published research between 1990 and 2020 reporting on how over twenty different forms of physical activity impact mental health outcomes. You can also read the boiled down version in the Executive Summary, or explore the science in the searchable data visualization below. Just choose the types of exercise you are interested in, or the mental health outcomes you’d like to learn more about. You’ll see the landscape of studies, and can link directly to the articles to read on your own!


Take Home Messages?


  • Movement activities should be integrated into mental illness treatment, early intervention, and prevention,
    as well as building and maintaining mental wellness and resilience.
  • Overall, approximately 89% of all published peer-reviewed research report a positive, statistically significant relationship between exercise/physical activity and mental health. 
  •  Some forms of mental health challenges like depression and anxiety have more evidence, whereas some, like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder have less.


Learn more by downloading the JWB Foundation Move Your Mental Health™ report today

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