10 Minutes. 10 Days. 20 Reasons Why.


Pandemic got you down?


Boost your mood while supporting a great cause!


Starting 10-1-2020 join thousands of people around the world for ten days of moving our bodies for ten minutes each day, ending on Global Mental Health Day, 10-10-2020!


Get your friends, your family, your colleagues and community to do it with you!

You got this!

Make a $10 (or more) donation to support mind-body-spirit approaches to mental health

Get a fresh new 10-minute move-your-body video every morning

Get mini-motivations from some of the world's leading scientists on how movement benefits mental health

Share on social media, and inspire others to get moving too!

Complete a quick survey before and after the event, and be entered to win a FREE Apple Watch Series 3!!!

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10 Days. 10 Minutes. 10 Videos. Available Forever!

MYMH Leaders

Hey, tell me more about this survey and Apple Watch 3 Drawing...

Happy to! It's simple. When you sign up, you'll get a reminder a couple of days before October 1st. Complete a brief survey, do another one at the end after October 10th (and before October 15th). If you do both surveys, you'll be entered into a drawing to receive a FREE Apple Watch Series 3 with all the core fitness, heart‑monitoring, and connectivity features that make Apple Watch the ultimate device for a healthy life. Yeah!!!!!

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