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Brick Power: Something to Behold

“This wordsmith has been at the keyboard for 29 years now, crafting Club Insider Cover Stories, Special Interest Articles and monthly Norm’s Notes, all of which provide a perspective that you will not find anywhere else in our wonderful health and fitness club industry. And, during those 29 years, I have taken great pride in the fact that I “Tell-It-Like-It-Is.” When I go to work writing any article, you, as one of our esteemed readers of Club Insider, should have faith that I have found and shared something very well worth your time reading and that I‘ve told that story or discussed that topic with no holds barred.

I predict that, by the time you have read this truly amazing story of VICTOR and LYNNE BRICK, two of the greatest creators I’ve come across in my 47 years in our industry, you’re going to be saying to yourself… “WOW! Norm was NOT kidding when he entitled the Brick’s cover story: BRICK POWER… Something to Behold!”

Learn more in the latest issue of Club Insider, by Norm Cates.