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John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation and Wisdom for Life partner on Groundbreaking Mental Health & Well-Being Global Summit

LOS ANGELESApril 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation (JWB) and Wisdom for Life (WFL) have partnered up to produce what might be the most comprehensive online event for mental health and well-being ever held, and it’s free. The Mental Health & Well-Being Global Summit will take place on April 11-17, 2023, to bring integrative and whole-person approaches to mental health to tens of thousands of people worldwide. Join more than 60 presenters including Deepak Chopra, Gabor Maté, Andrew WeilMichael SingerTara Brach, Jewel, don Miguel RuizWim HofThema S. BryantSharon SalzbergMariel HemingwayPatrick Kennedy, Jeezy, Peter Coyote, Dan SiegelKristin NeffRay LewisRoland Griffiths, Rick Hanson and over 40 more…

There probably is not one of us whose life has not been touched by the mental health crisis that the world is experiencing right now. Whether it’s you, a friend or loved one—or, if you are a mental health professional—your clients, the effects of this crisis have been profound. The good news? While you have undoubtedly heard about the mental health crisis, what you may not have heard is that we are in the beginnings of a mental health renaissance…

More people are talking openly about their mental health than ever before. Stigma has been substantially reduced, and everyone from kids, elite athletes, celebrities, late-night talk show hosts—as well as everyday folks—are being more open and vulnerable about what we are experiencing. There are dozens of new, evidence-based approaches to mental health and well-being that are making a significant difference in people’s lives. And… rather than waiting until mental health becomes a crisis, we are beginning to be able to build whole-person—body, mind, and spirit—ways to restore emotional balance and build psychological resilience starting right from the beginning—in kids, families, and society.

Summit sessions will include cutting-edge approaches to mental health and well-being, including: psychedelics and ketamine-assisted therapy, energy psychology, hot & cold therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, exercise & movement, nutrition & supplements, “geek therapies” for adolescents, post-traumatic growth, social justice and mental health, indigenous psychology, music & sound therapy, positive stress & resilience, and much more.

JWB and WFL’s mission with this event is to have you feeling optimistic, empowered, and equipped with information and tools you can apply right away. Register FREE today.